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Matka Kulfi

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The Primary packaging consists of three parts.

Earthen Pot (Matka / Kulhad): The Container Pot is mass manufactured using latest machinery and tools in earthenware production, which allows lathe shaping wet soil then baking it to form solid a pot simultaneously. This technique gives consistency for accuracy in shape and ensures quality of material. Using unconventional material like baked earth has its advantages for this product, it is degradable, reusable, keeps containing substance cool and mostly brings out the traditional Indian experience of consuming the kulfi.

Seal: The coated aluminum foil seal ensures unaltered quality of the product.

Cap: The polymer cap serves two purposes, protection for the seal and has a spoon cutout which pops out of cap for convenience in consumption.



The Shape and dimensions of the Matka is designed keeping in mind the ergonomics of grips, manufacturing ability, labeling, hygiene and simplicity in aesthetics.



Secondary packaging is a folded cardboard with circular holes that holds six matkas in place, which will also be placed in store coolers/fridges for display.


Tertiary Packaging (transportation)

Two whole sets (of Primary + Secondary packaging) is placed in a larger cardboard box for transporting from factory to market.



Amul Matka Kulfi

The objective was to revive the kulfi eating culture through a mass produced product that reflects the feel and experience of enjoying the traditional Indian frozen desert. Various factors were taken in consideration during the design of the packaging like Manufacturability, Stability, Assembly, Transportation, Distribution, Marketing and Use.

The campaign was a hypothetical re branding of the kulfi produced by a large cooperative conglomerate (amul), which is known for its quality in dairy products and its grasp over a large hygiene conscious target audience.

Primary Packaging